Huge discovery on covid origin and spread

Can anyone explain how all-cause mortality in the UK in April 2020 spiked at exactly the same time in every region when travel routes into the UK are overwhelmingly via the South East?

[If it was from an imported virus]

@boriquagato @EthicalSkeptic…

Travel is undertaken by only a fraction of the population at any one time, so the idea that “COVID” could be spread by travel as explanation of this sporadic pattern of worldwide spread seems unlikely.

It should spread locally – predominantly.

Yet there was basically no increase in all-cause mortality outside of Wuhan in mainland China for 2 years.

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This is truly a major finding. Be sure to look at the Twitter link just above as the author answers follow-up questions.

UPDATE: In addition to everything included in the above thread, what is also explained is the explosive spread of covid in China following their ending of zero-covid policies in November 2022. In previous posts I have commented on this not being possible through natural spread but only through deliberate release of the pathogen by drones and other means. This also implicates China in the origin and spread of early covid-19 as they are using the same MO.

Furthermore, this explains how both China and bad actors in the West may have or probably did conspire to do this in concert to: 1) remove Trump from office by creating new rules that permit election fraud; 2) aggrandize power through medical tyranny; and 3) relieve China of the psychological and economic burden of losing the trade war to Trump.

This also contributes to our understanding of a major anomaly in the Ukraine War, namely all NATO/neocon policies appear to have been designed not only to harm Russia but also to destroy Ukraine; to force civilians to flee to other countries while also killing as many military-age men as possible. What’s worse is NATO neocon policies also appear to be designed to provoke a nuclear war between Europe/USA and Russia—and this indicates the top designers of these policies are not Westerners. From that line of thought we can also theorize that the release of covid on the world may have been done at the top by non-Western actors, many of whom have infiltrated Western institutions and surely compromised many Westerners into cooperating.

We may also surmise that China has been infecting its own people for over two months: to remove the weak; to discipline those who remain; to destroy internal enemies in large numbers under cover of covid; to prepare not to take Taiwan but for WW3, which will begin in Europe-Russia, spread to include USA, and probably then include China. If any of this is true, the greatest danger before us is these bad actors must act—they must use nukes—before their plans are widely understood or understood by people in top positions who might be able to stop them, if there are any such people. ABN

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