Ukrainian news channel in Bakhmut: “An untrained soldier survives at the front 4 hours.”

-> So, a trained soldier will survive a day?

1/5 next reality from soldiers view

Daily reality of Bakhmut

2/5 -> first are leaving Bakhmut

Soldiers started to desert already

3/5 -> Mercenary explains Wagner’s tactic in Bakhmut

Australian merc explains why Bakhmut is hell …

4/5 -> Coup in Bakhmut?

A thread I wrote on why Bakhmut can end up in a coup … and I still stand by it!


Originally tweeted by Lord Bebo (@MyLordBebo) on February 5, 2023.

From all angles, the Zelensky-oligarchic objective in this war appears to be kill as many young Slavs as possible, especially Ukrainian Slavs, while also causing as many Slavs as possible to flee Ukraine if they have not been killed. ABN

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