James O’Keefe pushed out of Project Veritas?

THREAD: The Project Veritas Coup

A whistleblower has contacted me about the news that @JamesOKeefeIII was put on leave and stripped of all authority at @Project_Veritas

This is difficult for me to publish, as a STAUNCH supporter of PV for years & even a VIP at their events.

But what is happening to James O'Keefe is unconscionable and the attempted hostile takeover of @Project_Veritas needs to be stood against by its supporters. THIS WILL NOT STAND.

James is a bit of a victim of poor corporate structure, as PV is 2 separate orgs a 501c3 which had very FEW board members and the majority of the $$$ and a 501c4, which had significantly more board members but less $$$

According to my source, this situation has allowed to 2 alleged ringleaders of this attempt to push James out to have significant sway over the others despite their reasons to be essentially meritless.

Board members and C Suite officers involved in this according to my source are as follows:

Board members:
Matt Tyrmand – Ringleader
John Garvey
George Skakel
Joseph Barton (not the congressman)
Steve Alembik

CFO: Tom O’Hara
COO: Barry Hinckley (Ringleader pronouns in bio)

SOURCE: "The board held a six and a half hour struggle session vs James where they subjected him to constant derision and insults. At the insistence of Tyrmand, O’Hara, and Hinckley;

"about ten employees aired their grievances about James, which essentially boiled down to him being a tough boss to work for. At the end of this six hour struggle session, Tyrmand and fellow board member John Garvey put him on leave and stripped him of all authority."

"It was literally a stalinesque kangaroo court trial. The thing that is so very profound to me that no one seems to grasp: John Garvey and the rest of the Board did NOTHING to stop it. Matt Tyrmand had it all scripted. All six fucking hours."

This comes in the immediate aftermath of @Project_Veritas GREATEST moment ever, exposing corruption at Pfizer, which my source thought was EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS timing.

You boot the founder right after your biggest win of all time???

PV must explain this situation!!!

My source believes that with enough public support, @JamesOKeefeIII could win back support of the 501c4 board, so PLEASE RT and voice your support in a POSITIVE WAY.

James O'Keefe has done more to expose corporate corruption than almost any journalist in modern history!!!

If @JamesOKeefeIII leaves, I will no longer support @Project_Veritas and will support whichever venture he starts instead. My source says that the rank and file employees are STILL WITH JAMES, the board needs to realize PV will likely not survive if the go through with this!

I woke up to 1.3 million notifications this morning. Crazy.

No one was able to follow me last night so try again if you are interested in follow up tweets.

I’ve been reached out to by additional PV insiders who have more to say about the issue.

Originally tweeted by Swig 🇺🇸 (@OldRowSwig) on February 9, 2023.

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