We begin the Week 4, 2023 Update with Cancer Mortality at 8-sigma excess

We begin the Week 4, 2023 Update with Cancer Mortality at 8-sigma excess.

This mortality code peaks at Week 4 each year. The next 13 weeks we should see a (spring) decline of 600 cancer deaths per week, net.

If we do not see this decline manifest, that spells BIG trouble.

Abnormal Clinical & Lab Finding Mortality is still high, but slightly off our all time peak from Week 1 of 2023.

Remember, these are 51 K heart and sudden deaths which have not even posted to the related ICD codes yet…

[Open images in new tab for larger. ABN]

Like a pilot flying IFR solely by a 2-hr old GPS signal.

Non-natural deaths jumped 1600 this week. Many of these deaths are held in the 999 code, and are released 26 – 52 weeks after they occur.

This is the largest weekly rise ever, in Non-natural deaths – 3 years into this.

Not headed in the right direction.

Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality fell to 14% because of post-peak effect.

In similar principle to Cancer Mortality, this should fall over the next 13 weeks, by about 12,000 deaths.

If it does not manifest this annual spring reduction, that signals BIG trouble.

All Cause Mortality fell to 4.6% excess.

Post-peak effect. But fully expect the Age Standardized All Cause Mortality analysts (heavy eye roll 🙄) to contend that “everything’s almost back to normal”.

“Who dies in ignorance, succumbs twice.” ~TES

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on February 9, 2023.

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