Top 10 Questions A Covid Commission Should Probe About The United States’ Pandemic Response

In March 2020, American politicians orchestrated what would become the greatest assault against their citizens’ civil liberties in the modern era. Under the guise of “public health,” federal and state officials employed the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus to implement disastrous and ineffective lockdown policies, which crushed American jobs and small businesses, shuttered places of worship, and kept low-risk children out of school.

Despite a lack of evidence showing such policies were effective at containing the respiratory virus, politicians and government bureaucrats charged ahead, abusing the so-called “public health emergency” to implement fruitless mask and vaccine mandates, while simultaneously ignoring data regarding natural immunity and potentially life-saving treatments.


Article provides ten questions in ten short sections about the government’s awful response to covid. Worth a look and maybe sending to some people. A serious retrospective analysis of what specifically went wrong and why must happen if our civilization is to regain even a semblance of stability. With Musk’s Twitter improvements and with many more understanding the failures of the vaxxes and other government measures, we are in a very good place to make deep societal changes but we all have to make it happen; we all have to participate actively in our own lives concerning these issues. A moral reckoning has to happen. We don’t want to be harsh but should be firm with people who went crazy for vaxxes and/or attacked us for not sharing their madness. This kind of reckoning needs to happen at every social level we are aware of, from family to employment to medical services to state and federal agencies. I will go a little out of my way to speak to at least one pharmacist, maybe two, who refused to fill a valid prescription for ivermectin. I won’t be rude but will bring it up directly. ABN

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