Message to J6 Families from Patrick Byrne


1) DOJ claims: "You contributed to $350k of damage on Jan 6!" Respond: Byrne offers to send a $350k check to Congress if you drop that claim against all.

2) I told them peace but "do not bend a knee": I will face all non-violent charges for them.

I understand that J6 prisoners' Public Defenders simply say, "Sign this statement stating, 'I entered the Capitol because I thought DJT told me to!" If they refuse, the PD says quits, and the prisoner then gets a cracked iPad 1 hour/week in solitary to do his legal defense.

Though I leaned towards protests at 50 state capitols, when DC-J6 was announced I joined the calls for all to come to DC. While I repeatedly emphasized the need for peace, I told all "Do not bend a knee to this rigged election."

J6 prisoners should henceforth say, "I did it because I heard Byrne say on the radio we should come to DC and not 'bend a knee' to this rigged election!" Put all blame on me.

I hereby offer to DOJ to stand in and face all non- violent* J6 charges on their behalf. I won’t run.

See recent Santelli interview.

Any lawyer reading this who can advise how to construct something so that DOJ must charge me before they do J6 prisoners, please advise.

* If you broke a window or disobeyed or touched a cop, you are not on my team, and remain on your own.

Originally tweeted by Patrick Byrne (@PatrickByrne) on February 12, 2023.

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