The MAGICapp is a scam. It is seeded from ONE source and distributed as if it was created by doctors in your country.

The #MAGICapp is a scam. It is seeded from ONE source and distributed as if it was created by doctors in your country.

It was not.
It was created by Pharma invested entities.
They know we know, and have just restricted access to the archived UK versions.

The #MAGICapp is supposed to be a "living guideline" but:
-it has no authors.
-it is rebadged for every country
-it tells you not to give antibiotics
-it is responsible for most of the #COVID deaths around the world
-nobody is liable

So who wrote it?

Who is responsible for telling GPs that there was no treatment for COVID, antibiotics don't work and you should euthanise old people rather than treat them?

UNITAID. These people.

And of course the usual suspects

And a pretence that the guideline has authors. It does not. It is ghost written.

Yet all these authors signed up to be listed as real authors of a guideline could not possible have written in time, and the same version distributed around the world.

These are the people behind the protocols.

And… Just like MAGIC, your granny is denied the #3tablets she needs and instead is given euthanising drugs.

Because, the consensus said so, right?

And just like MAGIC…
7 employees of an organisation can manage the world's COVID evidence base.

Stay home.
Don't take vitamin D.
Wear a mask.
Don't take any antibiotics.
Keep away from your family.
Get the experimental shots.



Originally tweeted by Jikkyleaks 🐭 (@Jikkyleaks) on February 12, 2023.

This is an important line of inquiry. Not to detract from this work, but to add or clarify if needed, my best analysis so far has led me to believe ultimate responsibility for the vaxxes and harmful protocols is going to rest with the US DoD, which will claim ‘national security.’ No court will be able to take any criminal case any further. Maybe some civilian action will yield results. Our side’s only weapon seems to be public education and public opinion. This is a formidable weapon but limited. ABN

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