Vermont poised to become ‘sanctuary state’ for child sex changes

A new bill passed by the Vermont state House of Representatives aims to make Vermont the premiere sanctuary state for child sex changes. It makes “gender affirming care” a right for all in the state of Vermont.

House Bill 89, going even further than the one passed in California and more extreme than the one under consideration in New York, would prohibit law enforcement in Vermont of returning a minor to another state if that minor is being prevented from undergoing a sex change in that other state, regardless of whether or not there is a custody dispute, or if that minor is a runaway.

This law defines as “abusive litigation” that which would prevent a minor from undergoing a sex change, and law enforcement is prevented from extraditing a person to another state if that person will face “abusive litigation.” Parental rights are not a consideration in this bill, which seeks to enshrine access to abortion and sex changes in state law.


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