Biden administration paid physician networks to push covid vaxxes

By March 2021, as part of the Biden administration’s emergency countermeasure efforts involving COVID-19 vaccines, the administration handed out nearly $10 billion in money to influential groups across American society such as physician societies to advocate and aggressively promote the vaccines across low-income and underserved communities as part of the COVID-19 response. The targeted cohort would include pregnant women and their gestating babies. The logic behind these massive injections of funds into various groups of interest was, of course, that COVID-19 vaccination was the best way to protect people against COVID-19 infection. Data was just emerging at this time during the Delta variant predominance that the COVID-19 vaccines, while reducing the probability of morbidity and mortality, was by no means stopping viral transmission. Furthermore, the safety data was not well understood, and in fact, still remains unclear, especially when it comes to pregnant women and their gestating babies, lactation, and very young children per the to date Food and Drug Administration package inserts.


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