Why hasn’t the government informed the public that undercover MPD officers were chanting “our house!” and repeatedly urging protestors to advance up the northwest steps of the Capitol on January 6?

Officer 2 said someone would get shot and went up right behind Ashli Babbitt.

Public videos show these undercover officers, but the government continues to hide video these officers recorded under seal in the January 6 discovery. American’s deserve to see the truth! Why is our government hiding it?


Why were armed undercover DOJ/DEA agents moving east from the Ellipse area (in the direction of the Capitol) during President Trump’s speech on January 6? Why were MPD telling people to keep marching towards the Capitol?

Source Video Exhibits:


“Let them take this motherfucker”

I’m being told I posted a bad rumble link to the bodycam exhibits. Try this one:


“Keep the march going” . . . as the officer waves them to the Capitol

Officer Brown and other MPD bike police stop armed suspects who are heading from the Ellipse area east towards the Capitol during President Trump’s speech on January 6. The suspects then produce DOJ/DEA agency credentials.

“Do your non-uniformed guys have any identifiers?”

An FBI informant in the Capitol tells an officer that Proud Boys inside the Capitol were helping police.

For more on this informant see:

Ryan Samsel (jean jacket and red hat) who pushed the gates at the Peace Circle can be seen walking past an undercover Michael Sherwin (U.S. Attorney for D.C.) at 15th and Constitution Ave prior to President Trump’s speech.

Update. I’ve just been informed the man in the gargoyle mask is not “Plain Clothes Tim” but defendant Fi Duong. Fi seemed to be who Officer 1 was speaking to, but it’s possible “Tim” was #Pushy1776 Tim Davis who was right next to Fi Duong on the steps.

Another possibility is that Officer 1 says “Jim” not “Tim” which is another name used for Fi Duong in his charging documents.

If you think all this is crazy, wait until you read this thread:

More quality reporting by @EpochJoe64.


Here’s a short video I made a while back on the DOJ’s Michael Sherwin being undercover at the fake rifle incident during Trump’s speech.

Oh and Ray Epps pushed the sign into police…๐Ÿงต

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