Vinyl Chloride Disaster: 2/19 follow-up — Adam Gaertner

Follow-up Questions, clarifications and developments about the vinyl chloride spill and fire.

I might have been mistaken to say that my warning was unlikely to reach everyone that needed it. Over 1M views inside 24 hours. That was surprising, and I’m glad at least a few of you have might have heeded it. The disaster is continuing to unfold and progress, and I’m still following the developments as they occur on Twitter.

There have been a few notable criticisms and dismissals from various people of varying expertise. Myself, I’d be inclined to trust the scientist that’s spent her whole career studying vinyl chloride. I would love to have been wrong, but thus far it’s progressing pretty much as I expected, albeit a little more slowly – which is also par for the course at this point. I did make one mistake that needs to be corrected, but my warnings still stand.

Let’s get into it.


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