How journalism works when the press is real ~ Matt Taibbi

One reporter does a story. It may not be the whole story, but it’s newsworthy. The next reporter finds the next piece of the puzzle. A third adds more. We compete, but all push the story forward.

The Twitter Files response exposes a fake press:

Instead of taking as leads stories like Hamilton 68 or CENTCOM’s fake social media accounts abroad or the FBI, DOS and DHS cranking out thousands of moderation requests, “reputable” journalists are spending all their time attacking me and throwing stupid partisan tantrums. Why?

Because they’re not real journalists. The lot of them are invested in protecting people in power and defending their own screwups (like their stories about #ReleaseTheMemo being driven by Russian bots), so they’re refusing to follow up on dozens of newsworthy stories.

This is why I now have to hire people to help chase down all the stuff in the Twitter Files — because the “community” of reputable journalists not only won’t investigate as they once would have, they’re trying to shut such inquiries down.


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