Covid-19 created in Ukraine — shipped worldwide

1) Something I need to address:

If SARS-CoV-2 was created in Ukraine, what about Wuhan? Wasn’t that the origin?

Sort of.

Russia claims there were MULTIPLE pathogens, engineered in Ukraine, then trafficked to various regions worldwide for release.

2) Russia claim the viruses were “genome specific”, effectivity based on host DNA sequence.

Meaning the different strains of C19 were designed to target nationalities/ethnicities with the same target DNA sequence.

More effective in homogeneous societies (Russia/China/India).

3) For those that think this technology is “conspiracy theory”, here is Democrat congressman @JasonCrowCO speaking about the existence of the biotech.

Elaborating on how @23andMe and similar companies sell your DNA to private biolab companies who use it to produce… pathogens…

4) So the Deep State would make DNA/regional specific pathogen in Ukraine, then ship them to their intended destination in vectors, such as monkeys/mice/bats, intending for the virus to escape.

The NIH monkey escape in Pennsylvania come to mind.

5) By trafficking the virus to different “outbreak” locations, it disguises Ukraine as the production zone, and ensures the virus spread worldwide before it was stopped.

So Wuhan may have been where the human outbreak began, but the virus was CREATED in Ukraine.

6) Wuhan was the cover:

1- Make bioweapon

2- Ship it to Wuhan

3- Bioweapon escapes in Wuhan

4- Blame China for pandemic

5- Quietly ship other pathogens worldwide in vectors

6- Make shitload of money on vaccines and implement Globalist control while everyone blames China

7) Wuhan was just one outbreak point. Everyone thought it spread rapidly worldwide organically, but Russia claims the spread was “fueled” by Big Pharma who were mutating the virus and releasing more strains.

Adds up with the Pfizer/Walker scoop from @Project_Veritas


Originally tweeted by Clandestine (@WarClandestine) on January 30, 2023.

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