ARIZONA: EXPLOSIVE testimony at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger

Outlining the most complex investigation into Political corruption in AZ. @katiehobbs and her husband are laundering cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages.

Originally tweeted by Shadygrooove (@shadygrooove) on February 24, 2023.

The part specific to Hobbs begins at 19:45 min. According to this testimony, Arizona is riddled with massive fraud and corruption. ABN


It is clear from her testimony that a significant portion of AZ government, from local officials to the statehouse, is working with the cartel and being paid handsomely for their efforts. Also, Ms. Berger mentioned more than once that among the many types of criminal activities her group has documented, the swatting of innocents combined with falsified evidence has resulted in several (many?) people being falsely convicted and imprisoned because of their active or even merely potential danger to the cartel.

Databases are hacked, false documents inserted and real documents deleted at will; the election process is compromised completely; money laundering of cartel profits provides essentially limitless resources for bribery and extortion, and on and on.

AZ — other states are mentioned as well, but AZ is the focus here — is described by Ms. Berger as being corrupt almost beyond belief.


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