Mind-control through ‘educational’ indoctrination

1/ Why school indoctrination is working, and will make the Republicans unelectable in a generation. A thread, based on my new @ManhattanInst report with @ZachG932

School Choice Is Not Enough: The Impact of Critical Social Justice Ideology in American Education

2/ @jburnmurdoch @FT showed that younger generations are diverging from older ones by not becoming more Republican as they age. Why might this be?

3/ Indoctrination. Virtually all of over 1,500 18-20 year-olds polled had heard at least 1 of 8 critical social justice (CSJ) terms from adults at school. 90% heard a critical race (CRT) concept, 74% a gender one

4/ CSJ is a proxy for left indoctrination. Children getting lots of CSJ are far more liberal-Democratic than those getting none. Republican party id crashes from 61% to 30% comparing youth hearing zero vs 6+ concepts

5/ Children with Republican mothers who are exposed to no CSJ identify 46% conservative and 27% liberal. Children with Republican moms hearing 6+ CSJ ideas flip completely: 46% liberal, 21% conservative

6/ 88% of youth from the most heavily Republican fifth of counties heard Critical race and gender concepts in school. This is happening right under the nose of Republican parents and politicians.

7/ This is happening almost as much in private, parochial *and* homeschool as in public school. School choice can work for a few informed & committed parents, but can only affect indoctrination at the margins

8/ Pupils taught these concepts believe them. Belief in white privilege jumps from 41% to 56%, in gender as chosen from 37% to 49%, in US built on stolen land from 44% to 73%

9/ Young people taught 5 Critical Race Theory concepts are twice as likely to support affirmative action quotas and (for whites) to feel guilty about their race than those taught no CRT

10/ CSJ in schools massively increases the fear being expelled, punished or shamed. 27% not exposed to CSJ reported fear compared to 68% exposed to 6+ concepts. For Republican youth, the jump is from 27% to 84%!

11/ As a consequence of striking fear into pupils, CSJ chills speech. The share of non-black pupils saying they were uncomfortable criticizing a black classmate increases from 29% to 43% with heavy exposure to CSJ

12/ Thus CSJ not only indoctrinates pupils, but increases fear, chills inter-racial interaction and limits black pupils’ opportunity to hear potentially useful feedback from classmates, holding them back

13/ Our results suggest that only government reform of public schools, of the kind pioneered by Glenn Youngkin in Virginia and Ron De Santis in Florida, can put a stop to progressive indoctrination

14/ Reforms should include mandatory curriculum transparency, political impartiality (with CSJ defined as political) and contextualization: i.e. teaching about left-wing and non-European excesses in history /End

Originally tweeted by Eric Kaufmann (@epkaufm) on February 24, 2023.

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