ARIZONA: Katie Hobbs allegedly directly involved with Sinaloa Cartel

John Thaler of Harris/Thaler Law Firm claims he uncovered absolute proof showing that the Sinaloa cartel (formerly led by El Chapo) bribes high-ranking officials in Arizona including Katie Hobbs, Adrian Fontes, Kris Mayes, etc.

The cartel allegedly uses this influence to rig Arizona’s elections, launder money using falsified trust deeds for single-family purchases, successfully traffic drugs/humans through the southern border, etc.

Thaler claims that the cartel uses intimidation tactics to silence anyone that may be a threat to their extensive racketeering. The investigator also includes a declaration showing that in October 2020, they discovered 25,000 falsified ballots at a Maricopa County residence belonging to someone they were investigating with lots of cash involved.

Thaler claims his team reviewed 120,000 documents in Arizona and found tens of thousands of direct pieces of evidence proving the allegations. This is just a snippet of a much BIGGER story that deserves all the attention. Thaler is an attorney, and I doubt he’d be bringing these allegations forward without having all the corresponding evidence


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