About That “Explosive” Arizona Senate Testimony Alleging Sinaloa Cartel Influence Over Public Officials

If it sounds too good to be true…. 

Okay folks, this is a story that dragged me into a rabbit hole for two days.  If you have seen the video testimony of Ms. Jacqueline Breger in front of the Arizona Senate Committee investigating election issues, this outline is intended to help you navigate the story.

On February 23, 2023, Ms. Breger delivered testimony to the Arizona Senate claiming documentary evidence that shows judges, politicians, police, local and state officials as well as multiple groups, organizations and individuals associated within government and elections operations the state of Arizona are being bribed and under the influence of the Sinaloa Cartel from Mexico.

It is not coincidental that everything associated with this story seems explosive and astounding.  It is also not coincidental that you could spend hours looking for specific details of the allegations, including watching interviews with each of the participants, and not find your answers.  Things are NOT what they seem.

I am going to start by sharing the 42-minute video {direct Rumble Link here} of the allegations made by Ms. Jacqueline Breger, because this is the origination from which all downstream story details originate. This testimony hit the web and exploded in the alternative media ecosphere.


This piece is by Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse. He encourages caution about the Arizona corruption claims. Robert Barnes has expressed similar views, largely based on the above piece. My take is, yes, this could be bs, but maybe not. Yes, it’s good to be careful and not be suckered, but these claims demand a fair hearing. I also notice that the beginning of cases like this with alternative points of view — 9/11, JFK, WMD, covid, and covid vaxxes — start out murky, often prove to be true or largely true but remain murky until the end game when it is too late to get anything done and everything is lost in the past. If you read the linked piece be sure to sample a good many of the comments under it for a very wide perspective on what is happening and what is at stake. Take it all in, remain reasonably skeptical, but do not fail to act and continue pursuing what’s right in this effort. Cabal wins again and again simply by being focused against the interests of tens of millions of people who cannot possibly be that focused. ABN

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