Let’s talk Covid controversy! Which of my scientifically controversial takes do you support? ~ Dr Simon Goddek

Covid is simply a rebranded flu that has been around long before 2020. The Chinese Communist Party, along with the Gates Foundation and other global players, carried out a PsyOp to hold the world hostage so that a Great Reset could be implemented.

The increase in mortality rates is solely due to the spread of fear and panic, as well as the implementation of arbitrary measures. It was known that staying home alone, avoiding sunlight, and neglecting exercise would increase the chances of premature death.

Without Drosten’s fraudulent Covid PCR protocol, Covid would have been perceived only as a common cold. The test is the pest.

Béchamp’s theory was right all along. It’s time to return to true science and reconsider the foundations of virology because it is not a genuine science. In my opinion, good sanitation, sunlight, exercise, and nutrition are the keys to good health.

The lab leak debate is a mere distraction from the pressing issues we face. We are constantly changing our stance, and those responsible for gain-of-function research have yet to face any consequences. If the evidence is truly compelling, why are Daszak and Fauci still at large?

Masks lack a scientific basis and harm one’s health. Breathing in fungi and microplastics while elevating CO2 levels in the blood is known to have negative effects on health. Corrupt scientists like Fauci and Drosten were aware of this and warned against it until 2020, but they have since changed their stance.

The purported Covid vaccines are gene therapies that cause more harm than good. The overwhelming evidence suggests that they can cause cardiac issues, weaken the immune system, and result in higher mortality rates, particularly among younger individuals. There are valid reasons why Pfizer and other companies refuse to be liable for vaccine damage and have resorted to pressuring governments worldwide.

You are the CO2 that Bill Gates wants to reduce. He is only interested in power, and couldn’t care less about your health.


I am not convinced on paragraph one. Analyses do show covid originated in a lab. I also am not at all sure of how much if any cooperation existed between Western and Chinese actors. China had strong motives to release covid due to losing the trade war with Trump. Western actors had strong motives to remove Trump from office. This explains the timing of covid, not necessarily deeper motives underlying it. I can see some sort of plausibly deniable cooperation between China and Western actors in and around government.

A major point is how covid spread and why it spread so quickly. This seems to indicate that covid was deliberately released again and again. Recall how quickly Omicron spread from a corner of South Africa, or how quickly Monkeypox spread (and then was dropped from the psyop because few were frightened by it). I suppose the spread of covid could have been a medical-testing illusion/psyop. Besides these points, I agree with the above. ABN

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