Cancer rose from 8 to 9-sigma this last week

We begin the MMWR Week 7 2023 update with a little good news.

Abnormal Clinical & Lab Findings Mortality is off its all-time peak finally – AND – the thickness of the unprocessed workload curve is beginning to diminish.

CDC is getting to the ICD-assign workload finally.

The bad news is that once these Abnormal Findings deaths are processed to their final ICD code – that feeds cancers & sudden deaths.

Accordingly, cancer rose from 8 to 9-sigma this last week.

3 weeks into usual seasonal cancer decline & no decline yet. Almost 'off the chart'.

Another item of bad news, Non-Natural Mortality rose another 1,460 deaths this last week.

Covid only rose 1,496, so SAAAAD Mortality alone is now 98% of Covid Mortality – as we said back in April 2020 – this would happen, and won't fade in presence for a decade or more.

While the flu has tapered off in its normal seasonal pattern, unfortunately pneumonia is not giving up the seasonal fight so easily in 2023.

However, we are not far off a seasonal mark for flu & pneum, just experiencing an earlier Gompertz arrival this year.

Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality is in a bit of a peak season whipsaw. Thus we watch how this moves, patiently into May 2023.

562,100 Excess Deaths

which are:
NOT Covid
NOT Lockdown Disruption
NOT Long Covid

…and bore a specific onset timeframe.

Overall, deaths from our poor & panicked actions during/resulting from the Covid Pandemic, are outpacing Covid deaths right now by 6.6 : 1

The average NON-Covid excess mortality each week now is 78% higher than the average week of Covid death during the pandemic.


1.1 million US Citizens…

Denial of Treatment
Factor-V & Sudden Deaths
Lockdown & Disruption

A less on for the ages in the stupidity which can be wrought in the name of science.

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on March 2, 2023.

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