Cancer signals at rates never seen before in 20-50 year-olds

Alarming Cancer Signals Post-Vaccine Rollout: They're Coming in from 'Left and Right'

"I got a call from a an OB/GYN [from a highly-jabbed state]," shared @drcole12.

"She said, 'Is there a better system than VAERS? Because I am seeing leiomyosarcomas (smooth muscle tumors) in…

It's good to be able to, once again, share such information on Twitter after being suspended for over nine long months.

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• Dr. Jessica Rose (@JesslovesMJK) is an applied mathematician, immunologist, computational biologist, molecular biologist, and VAERS expert.

• Dr. Naomi Wolf (@naomirwolf) – CEO of @DailyClout and investigative journalist.

• Dr. Mary Bowden (@MdBreathe) – Medical doctor.

• Dr. Claire Craig (@ClareCraigPath) – diagnostic pathologist.

• Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) – Engineer and citizen journalist.

• Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (@DrJBhattacharya) – Stanford professor of medicine.

• Dr. Lynn Fynn (@Fynnderella1) – highly-censored medical doctor.

• Dr. Loupis (@DrLoupis) – medical doctor.

• Vigilant Fox (@VigilantFox) – writer, video clipper, and citizen journalist.

• Dr. Teck Khong (@DrTeckKhong) – doctor and freedom-loving patriot.

• Amy Kelly (@ak_america) – Pfizer documents analysis team lead @DailyClout.

• DailyClout (@DailyClout) – company led by @naomirwolf — uncovering all within the Pfizer documents.

• The Wellness Company (@twc_health) – healthcare with an alternative approach to "a pill for every ill."

• Dr. Seneff (@stephanieseneff) – Senior research scientist at MIT.

• Dr. Peter McCullough (@P_McCulloughMD) – one of the most published cardiologists ever.

• Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (@RobertKennedyJr) – lawyer, author, and founder of @ChildrensHD.

• Etana Hecht (@EtanaHechtDC) – investigative journalist for @DailyClout.

• Liz Churchill (@liz_churchill8) – satirical anti-communist character. Conspiracy realist.

• Joshua Hartley (@JHartley2) – Marine Veteran. He was vax-injured after mandates. Spoke out and was silenced.

• Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) – scientist exposing COVID lies.

• welcometheeagle (@welcometheeagle) – medical data and VAERS expert keeping an Eagle's eye on medical fraud.

• Michelle Edwards (@ChelleWards) – Mother turned investigative journalist.

• Dr. Marty Makary (@MartyMakary) – John Hopkins professor and medical doctor.

• Dr. "Zev" Zelenko (@ZelenkoZev) – family doctor no longer with us who created the world-famous Zelenko protocol for Covid-19.

• Steve Kirsch (@stkirsch) – entrepreneur and prominent C19 vaccine critic.

• Dr. Ryan Cole (@drcole12) – brilliant and outspoken pathologist.

• Dr. Kelly Victory (@DrKellyVictory) – fierce medical doctor. "The virus is real. The statistics are not."

• Dr. Robert Malone (@RWMaloneMD) – mRNA pioneer and prominent C19 vax critic.

• Political Moonshine (@PoliticalMoons2) – one of the finest fraud investigators around.

• The Farm, AKA Z (@Large_Farm) – expert on the CCP and mind control tactics.

• Dr. Richard Urso (@richardursomd) – medical doctor and a great source of info.

• Dr. Aaron Kheriaty (@akheriaty) – outspoken medical doctor against emerging technocracy.

• Edward Dowd (@DowdEdward) – former Blackrock asset manager and freedom activist.

• Texas Lindsay (@TexasLindsay_) – fierce medical freedom and freedom of speech activist.

• KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) – highly skilled independent and investigative journalist.

• Mike Donio, MS (@MikeDonio) – scientist displaced via COVID jab mandates.

• Dr. Martin Kulldorff (@MartinKulldorff) – epidemiologist and one of the authors of the Great Barrington declaration.

• el gato malo (@boriquagato) – bad cat with attitude. Great Substack.

• M. Todd Trebony, MD FAAC (@doc_singing) – Internist. Anti-“Truman Show” Host.

• Dr. Mollie James (@molsjames) – DO, MPH and medical freedom advocate.

• Mark Changizi (@MarkChangizi) – theorist and Substack writer.

• Shannon Joy (@ShannonJoyRadio) – mother & podcast host.

• Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) – writer and CEO of Becker News.

• Dr. Henry Ealy (@DrHenryEaly) – founder of Energetic Health Institute and doctor in naturopathic medicine.

• UngaTheGreat (@UngaTheGreat) – data scientist and citizen journalist.

• Jerm Warfare (@RealJermWarfare) – cartoonist and podcast host.

• Gain of Fauci (@DschlopesIsBack) – freedom fighter and friend of the late Dr. "Zev" Zelenko.

• Michael P Senger (@MichaelPSenger) – attorney and contributor at Tablet Magazine and the Brownstone Institute.

• Robin Monotti (@robinmonotti) – film producer and brilliant mind.

• Ben (@USMortality) – Silicon Valley Software Engineer. Does great work with excess mortality data.

• Election Wizard 🇺🇸 (@ElectionWiz) -populist news, election coverage, and wizardly takes.

• Dr. Pierre Kory (@PierreKory) – an esteemed ICU & lung doctor. No one knows more about ivermectin than he does.

• Brian O Shea (@BrianOSheaSPI) – investigator and liberty defender.

• Brian Tyson (@btysonmd) – medical doctor who has saved thousands of Covid-19 patients.

• Tom Renz (@RenzTom) – Attorney. He claims himself to be a nobody from Ohio, but he has risen to become a very special SOMEBODY through his actions during Covid-19.

• Derrick Broze (@DBrozeLiveFree) – journalist, filmmaker, author, and anti-Great Reset activist.

• Dr. George Fareed (@GeorgeFareed2) – testified in the US Senate on 11/19/20 — advocating for early treatment for C19.

• Craig M. Wax D.O. (@drcraigwax) – family & sports physician, school physician, prevention expert, and advocate for patient rights and informed consent.

• Dr. Syed Haider (@DrSyedHaider) – physician who has successfully treated more than 8,000 C19 patients.

• COVID-19 Up (@COVID19Up1) – A network of independent journalists and researchers providing the latest updates about COVID-19.

• Dr. Tess Lawrie (@lawrie_dr) – systematic reviewer, ivermectin advocate, and co-founder of World Council for Health (@FreeWCH).

• Emma Sron (@bymyelf) – free speech & medical freedom activist. A vital member of World Council for Health (@FreeWCH).

• Champagne Joshi (@JoshWalkos) – freelance writer & researcher.

• Dan Skorbach (@DanSkorbach) – health and medicine reporter for @EpochTimes.

• Dr. Christina Parks (@drCParks1) – Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology.

• Dr. Thomas Binder, MD (@Thomas_Binder) – brave cardiologist.

• Dr. David Cartland (@CartlandDavid) – published scientist.

• John Beaudoin (@JohnBeaudoinSr) – engineer and brilliant medical data researcher.

• Dr. Kat Lindley (@KLVeritas) – family doctor and kind soul.

• Josh Yoder (@JoshYoder) – Airline pilot standing for truth and president of @USFreedomFlyers.

• Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (@GVDBossche) – warned early on the dangers of vaccinating into a pandemic.

• Ryan Cristián (@TLAVagabond) – content creator and truth seeker.

• Tracy Beanz (@tracybeanz) – Editor-in-Chief of @UncoverDC.

• Dr. Mike Hart (@drmikehart) – medical doctor and author.

• Noor Bin Ladin (@NoorBinLadin) – superb international correspondent.

• Del Bigtree (@delbigtree) – medical freedom advocate and host of @HighWireTalk.

• Dr. Sunetra Gupta (@SunetraGupta) – epidemiologist and one of the three authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

• Dr. Sabine Hazan (@SabinehazanMD) – gastroenterologist and researcher.

• Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore) – political commentator and comedian.

• Dr. Eric Nepute (@NeputeWellness) – confronted with fines for promoting Vit D and Zinc for C19.

• Emerald Robinson (@EmeraldRobinson) – outspoken journalist on the C19 response.

• Abir Ballan (@abirballan) – medical freedom advocate with a master's degree in public health.

• Dr. Paul Alexander (@PAlexanderPhD) – epidemiologist and expert on COVID-19.

• April Moss (@AprilMossTV) – former TV reporter who blew the whistle on CBS news.

• Daniel Horowitz (@RMConservative) – Political commentator and senior editor at TheBlaze.

• Kelly DNP (@kacdnp91) – clinical research whistleblower.

• Dr. Joseph Ladapo (@FLSurgeonGen) – the only Surgeon General in America with the common sense and courage to recommend against the C19 jabs for young people.

• Joni McGary (@LadySpaulding11) – fierce mom behind "No College Mandates"

• Dr. Theresa M Long (@LTCTheresaLong) – Army flight surgeon and vaccine whistleblower.

• Harvey Oxenhorn (@HarvOxenhorn) – Substack writer "exposing the Globalist Dictatorship one keyword at a time."

• Josh Stylman (@jstylman) – New York bar owner who gave it all away when he refused to bow down to medical tyranny.

• Rick Munn (@noreward_norisk) – Radio host exposing the predator class.

• Rise Melbourne (@Risemelbourne) – crusader against globalism and medical tyranny.

• Seth Holehouse (@ManInAmericaUS) – father and freedom fighter with a great podcast.

• Mikki Willis (@Plandemic3Movie) – legendary filmmaker behind the Plandemic documentary series.

• Masako Ganaha (@ganaha_masako) – courageous Japanese investigative journalist.

• Jeffrey Jaxen (@JeffereyJaxen) – investigative journalist for @HighWireTalk.

• Jeffrey Tucker (@jeffreyatucker) – founder of Brownstone Institute.

• Josh Guetzkow (@joshg99) – sociologist and criminologist.

• Igor Chudov (@ichudov) – mathematician and Substack writer.

• Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) – BlazeTV host and best-selling author.

• The Highwire (@HighWireTalk) – news show that's been proven right along with respect to COVID-19. Banned from YouTube for reporting the truth.

Please follow everyone on this list and share — so they never may be silenced again.

Originally tweeted by The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) on March 2, 2023.

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