Plausible explanation for blaming Ukrainian group for Nord Stream pipeline bombing

Within 12 hours, both @nytimes & @washingtonpost published long articles claiming that a Ukrainian group blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

German media picked it up.

Now the German defense minister is threatening to withdraw support for Kiev.

We now know what’s the plan.


The Germans are going to use the terrorist attack against their infrastructure as the excuse to pull out of the Ukraine project.

Olaf Scholtz went to the US to tell Biden: Either YOU blame Ukraine so we can pull our support for Ukraine—or WE blame YOU and pull out of NATO.


Scholtz’s trip was last week—and now coordinated stories come out. Hmm!

It is inconceivable that the Times, the Post, FT and Zeit would have simultaneously published essentially the same long article giving such a laughably fantastical story.


Fantastical or not, they give the Germans the political cover to get out of Ukraine without breaking their relationship with the US.

It does something else: It makes Zelensky’s regime look like a bunch of crazy people—a perfect excuse for the US to pull out of Ukraine.


The project to destabilize Russia via a proxy war in Ukraine is very obviously a bust. Russia is winning, and there’s no way to stop them from taking the whole country.

The Biden administration needs a good excuse to get out.


What better excuse than to “suddenly realize” the Kiev regime is full of neo-Nazis crazies?

Nutters who blew up the German pipeline!

Oh my!

“We had NO IDEA!”

Anyway, that’s for later.

For now, the Germans have an off-ramp—and they’re going to take it, I bet.

We’ll see.


Originally tweeted by Gonzalo Lira (@GonzaloLira1968) on March 8, 2023.

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