DOJ broke the law when prosecuting “Q-Anon Shaman”

The lawyer for Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q-Anon Shaman” whose image is indelibly linked to the January 6th capitol riot, is accusing the Department of Justice of withholding the video of Chansley wandering the Capitol building escorted by Capitol Police officers who helpfully showed him various parts of the capitol.

The video, released by Tucker Carlson, stunned a lot of people because it shattered the narrative put forth by the federal government that Chansley was a leader of an insurrectionist mob, storming the capitol with violent intent. In the video, Chansley was seen wandering the capitol with no other protesters, escorted by Capitol Police officers.

And then praising them in a prayer on the floor of the House of Representatives, thanking them for letting them in.


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