A Familiar Brand of BS from Former DOJ Lawyer, Turned New York Rep, Dan Goldman

In the exchange below, prompted to 10:55, notice how weasel Goldman posits the Mueller/Weissmann Special Counsel Russian indictments as some form of evidence that Russia (a) interfered in the election, and that Russia (b) hacked and dumped the DNC emails in 2016; neither of which is factually accurate….. but he blathers on.

Unfortunately, Taibbi and Shellenberger were not deep enough in the weeds back in 2018 to appropriately skewer Dan Goldman with the verbal takedown he deserved.  What Goldman is saying is ridiculous, and he counts on people not knowing the details of the Mueller/Weissmann schemes.

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein held two big press conferences announcing indictments of Russian actors in 2018.  One in February and one in July, both at critical moments for the fraudulent cover operation being done by Mueller. [Citation Here – And HERE – And Here]

These are the “indictments” Goldman cites. However, the indictments were sealed within the DOJ-National Security Division, specifically so that no one could deconstruct them.  Goldman is asking Taibbi to read indictments that are not even possible to see. They never were.  The only thing the public saw were Weissmann and team’s descriptions of the claims within the indictments we were never permitted to review…. because, well, national security.  WATCH:


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