Full release of J6 videos to the public ‘will almost certainly show that the REAL J6 Coup was perpetrated by: Strategic Level Leaders/Commanders’ ~ Ivan Raiklin

[Everything below is quoted from here. Whether Raiklin is right or wrong, time will tell. But this approach to understanding how American politics really works is right on the money. We all need to think like this in detail. This was a trick played on the American people by the full force of our heavily infiltrated government and thoroughly controlled news media. ABN]

The 42k hrs of video and the @HouseAdmin investigation by the 118th Congress will almost certainly show the Real J6 Seditious Conspirators that completed the Chris Wray FBLie-directed/force-censored Coup backed by the Bush/Obama cabal was perpetrated by: Strategic Level Leaders/Commanders:




@SenSchumer Didn’t have a minimum 12th Amendment quorum on J6, 2021 during the Joint Session. The only way

@SpeakerMcCarthy can correct this is to hold a new Joint Session vote with a quorum! Operational Level Leaders:

@MayorBowser Alexandra Pelosi, Mikhiel “Pelosi” Vos, Terri McCullough, Paul Irving, Chief Robert Contee Tactical Level Leaders: Ray Epps, John Sullivan and numerous unidentified likely federal agent provocateurs to include the person who placed device at @GOP and @DNC which FBLie is treating similar to the @JoeBiden Family Criminal Syndicate Laptop. in other words, covering it up.

Tactical unwitting Governmental actors: U.S. Capitol Police who Killed or brutalized election Justice rally attendees: Michael Byrd (murdered Ashli Babbitt), Harry Dunn, Aquilino Gonell and others Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department who killed, beat or brutalized election justice rally attendees: Lila Morris (murdered Rosanne Boyland), Jason Bagshaw (brutally beat Victoria White) Michael Fanone, Daniel Hodges and others

Unconstitutional Seditious Conspiracist Impeachment Managers of the illegally certified 2020 election:








@StaceyPlaskett Seditious Conspiratorial Impeachment Voters:








@RepJohnKatko The J6 Coverup Committee Members:









@Liz_Cheney Every person in the FBLie, DOJ, BigTech, BigMedia that perpetuated the J6 lie must share a cell with the above referenced seditious conspirators as accessories to covering up a coup. The above must face censure, expulsion, and maximum Capitol Punishment where appropriate after a prisoner swap with the J6 Political POWs. Free all the J6 Political Prisoners, Now!!!

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