Tinnitus treatment

“An RCT with 70 patients found that melatonin, 3 mg daily, is very effective for tinnitus, massively reducing the severity of the symptoms. In this study it has also shown to be more effective than sertraline, a drug that is often prescribed to treat this condition. After three months of treatment, the number of patients with severe tinnitus had almost halved in the melatonin group (reduced from 20 to 11.8%), while in the sertraline group, no improvement was seen in the severe category. Also, before treatment, 45% of the patients in the melatonin group were suffering from moderately severe tinnitus and only 31.4% had slight or mild tinnitus. After 3 months of treatment, only 8.8% still had moderate tinnitus and the % number of patients with slight or mild tinnitus had more than doubled. It had increased to 76.5%.

Also in this regard, melatonin was more effective than the drug (145).  In order to reach the best results, melatonin should be combined with other orthomolecular substances that have a role in tinnitus.  For example, in another trial, supplementation of Q10 improved tinnitus symptoms in patients with low Q10 plasma levels (146).  In a prospective interventional study, tinnitus patients were treated with a new supplement that contains 5-HTP, Ginkgo biloba, magnesium, melatonin, vitamin B5 and B6, and zinc. Within the following months, the severity and perceived loudness of tinnitus declined significantly. In accordance with this result, the negative emotional impact of tinnitus was reduced significantly as well (147).”


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