This thread will list preparations for the release of Sars-Cov-2, which started many months before the beginning of the pandemic

It proves that Sars-Cov-2 was RELEASED INTENTIONALLY.👇🧵

In July 2019, NIH work on a “novel coronavirus vaccine” was underway.

In August 2019, China began stockpiling pandemic PPE, Telegraph reports.

China bought PPE stocks in China and even in Europe!

[Intentional release of a bioweapon is likely. One aspect of that is RNA viruses are too unstable to cause a pandemic with a single release. This would mean that covid would have to have been released again and again in many different parts of the world, particularly in Western countries (it seems) though their measurements of infection rates may account for this by having been more accurate, or fudged, depending on how you look at it. There does appear to have been a real virus. It does appear to have been falsely measured using PCR tests. It does seem to have appeared and “spread” rapidly, probably by repeated seeding in populated areas, which would have been easy to do. The high death tolls seem to have been caused primarily by banning effective early treatment while simultaneously mandating harmful treatments. The sinister aspect of this is corroborated by not advertising the value of vitamin D3, zinc, sunlight, and many other preventatives of serious illness. Much of this has been known for two years. Now, as more information is reaching the general public, we see an economic crash looming, which looks like a huge distraction. Who released the bioweapon, who mandated iatrogenic murder? ABN]

In September 2019, Bill Gates made a suspiciously well-timed investment into BioNTech, an obscure startup that had never developed a vaccine but later became the largest Covid vaccine supplier.

During the same September of 2019, three strange things happened in Wuhan, China. The Wuhan Institute of Virology deleted all viral sequences, switched to military leadership, and started unusual infrastructure upgrades.

In Oct 2019, a suspiciously well-timed “Event 201” planned actions for a “fictional” coronavirus pandemic. Event 201 included representatives from the World Economic Forum, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, China CDC, and Avril Haines, representing the US

How do we prevent the next pandemic, then?

Punish the people who started THIS pandemic!

Make the punishment proportional to the crime of killing millions.

Originally tweeted by Igor Chudov 🐭 (@ichudov) on March 12, 2023.

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