If you are a conservative Christian who feels there is a “woke” movement attempting to subvert your civilization out of your hands

You feel exactly like a Roman Pagan did 1700 years ago

Christianity was the woke movement of Rome

And this is it’s bizarre story

Christianity was an urban bureaucrat movement

It seized control of the late empires bloated institutions and used them to impose their ideology

This is just like the Woke activists in your government

And just like you – the wholesome rural Roman people did NOT want this

[This is a good thread but the images do not unroll well. I added one editorial comment in the text near the end. This tale is stated simply but the analogy is highly appropriate. ABN]

We know this because people who lived at the time, like Tellurian, boasted about it

He gleefully wrote that “the urban centres are turning Christian” and that the “backwards rural pagans” will be forced to comply

The word pagan is a slander word for “country bumpkin”

These urban Christians called their native rivals pagans in the same way your snotty urban intellectuals call you “rednecks” in “flyover states”

You find it even in modern French: “paganni” which means “rustic”

This opens up a more frightening reality

Christianity was a religion of the confused minorities

Roman greed led to huge slave populations in the urban centres

Christianity was their “BLM” movement to tackle “Roman Privilege”

It was a religion of superstitious foreigners

An expression of their urge for vengeance on mighty Rome

A true “slave revolt” as Nietzsche articulated

For example, Tellurian who I mentioned earlier was a Carthaginian

Like a Hispanic guy denouncing “white privilege”

The native Romans who loved Jupiter and loved Rome (Simple as)

Saw Christianity as a bizarre slave superstition that got out of hand

Near the end, it was only the native farmers, high class aristocrats, and the army that were anti-Christian

They even had a MAGA movement in Julian the Apostate

He was from Constantines lineage, and he saw Christianity as dangerous nonsense that was subverting Rome

He tried to revive Hellenism, but died in a war out East, and never got to conclude his project

First Christians begged for mere equal representation and tolerance

Many scholars believe they weren’t even treated so bad

“They’re persecuting us” and we’re being “fed to the lions”

Does this whining remind you of anything?

And again… Tellurian was often beating this drum

Of course, when they got their “tolerance”

The mask came off…

“So much for the tolerant left”

They began to crack down – using their bureaucratic power to ban “paganism” outright

Of course, Rome’s steep decline was because of these pagans hanging on to their evil old ways

They began their famous book burnings

They tore down statues

Anything “Roman” and representative of Roman high culture (which had conquered their ancestors) was attacked

They all sang of the coming Utopia when the kingdom of God arrives on earth

Of course, the Utopia never came

It was like the Communist Purges or the French Revolution’s reign of terror

Big promises that became nothing more than a mess

19 years after Rome banned the old Gods it was sacked for the first time in 800 years by the Goths

This is Christianity’s most bizarre, profound, and uncomfortable truth

It’s not some reservoir of “basedness”… it looks like Rome’s woke movement

As Nietzsche called it: the triumph of Judea’s slave worldview over the Roman Life religion of excellence

This is shocking for many people to consider – even very hard to digest

But search the facts for yourself

Don’t trust me

Let your imagination take you back…

Try to see that era through the eyes of the people who lived at the time

Not your biases and concerns

As we Westerners confront the problems of our age…

Which Nietzsche called our confrontation with Nihilism

We will clutch for something stable… some sort of meaning… anything to stabilise our emotions in this chaos

This doesn’t mean what we clutch to is real

Perhaps this moment of nihilism [Buddhism] is the most incredible opportunity to truly understand who we are and what our history is

Perhaps it’s a chance to throw off things that were too monumental to even confront in recent history

What if Christianity is a shackle we need to unchain

Videos coming out soon on all this over on Youtube

Video on this coming out Wednesday:

Originally tweeted by Uberboyo (@uberboyo) on March 12, 2023.

For more on this topic see: Jews and pagans in the ancient world — the roots of Christianity; Persecution and Christianization of Mithraism; and JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, AND THE DEATH OF NATIONS | LAURENT GUYÉNOT. I added Buddhism next to the author’s nihilism. IMO, a religion is fundamentally a vocabulary that helps us talk about stuff. Buddhism provides an enormous vocabulary of words and concepts that allows atheists, scientists, nihilists, Christians, ex-Christians, Jews, ex-Jews, anyone at all to participate in wholesome, ethical communication that offers both a basis and a means for continuing exploration. Buddhism properly understood is a subjective science that can be shared and also has deep roots in the ancient past. Like science, Buddhism is not in any way a dead tradition; it is a method of personal exploration and a sound foundation for its community of the like-minded. ABN

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