‘I don’t give in to blackmail’ ~ Dr Robert Malone

I don’t give in to blackmail. People defame and slander me, they next insist that I come on to their podcast to defend myself or they threaten me that there will more written and verbal attacks. That is blackmail.

Then they build their audience off of attacking me. Complete fabrications based on BS. This is worse than anything the National Enquirer ever did. What is sickening is that people fall for it. This is literally the business model of these profiteers. This is how they are “building” a following — making money by attacking me.

One of them wrote in Dec that they were launching a “media jihad” on me.

Another wrote they were joining others (whom I won’t name here) in a joint effort to attack me. Seriously. I am being bullied and it is malicious, planned and coordinated. Death threats, malicious lies and harassment is what I and Jill have lived with for the last nine months from and because of these people. Anything I say will be weaponized against me.

I don’t lie – I have discussed my past in detail on so many podcasts I have lost count long ago. Sorry – I am done messing around. Looks like I will be spending a lot more money in the near future.


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