In September 2019, the Wuhan lab removed all 22,000 viral samples from its website…

In September 2019, the Wuhan lab removed all 22,000 viral samples from the website… So the Chinese government had to know this; George Gao had to know it. He’s there [at Event 201] in October of 2019, with the CIA former Deputy Director [Avril Haines] talking about ‘How do we quiet people when they start talking about it lab leak?’ And she says, quote, ‘Not only do we need to censor them, but we need to flood the zone with authoritative voices,’ which means propaganda.”

.@RobertKennedyJr: The Chinese CDC Director Must Have Known C19 Was Circulating Before Event 201

Full Interview:

Originally tweeted by The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) on March 20, 2023.

There is considerable evidence indicating that some actors in USA/ the West cooperated with some actors in China to create covid, release covid, and then hide their cooperation along with the origin of the viral bioweapon. Each side hides their role, or implies the other did it, or states that outright. The evidence Kennedy is pointing out is real and his comments are valid to a point. But overall, the picture of covid origins is still murky. There is also some evidence there was no actual virus and better evidence that if there was/is a covid virus it could only have spread as it did by some group deliberately releasing it at multiple points across the world. ABN

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