Biden family may have committed over two dozen federal felonies through connections with China

The Biden family may have committed over two dozen federal felonies in connection with the millions they made from China, specifically FARA violations and money laundering charges, that would put the Trump family or any ordinary citizen behind bars for decades. For example, Hunter Biden illegally represented convicted Chinese spy Patrick Ho for $1 million in clear violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act and subsequently laundered that illegally obtained money to James and Sara Biden. The

@MarcoPolo501c3 report meticulously documents these crimes with primary source evidence, including; Patrick Ho’s “Attorney Engagement Letter” signed by Hunter Biden, Hunter’s bank statements detailing the illegally obtained money transfers to himself, James, and Sara Biden, emails showing Hunter assisting Ho’s criminal defense attorney identify FBI agents involved in the case, Hunter’s voice message calling Ho the “spy chief of China,” Hunter’s text message calling Ho, “the chief of intelligence of the People’s Republic of China,” and Joe Biden’s voice message acknowledging the President’s awareness of his son’s business relationship the “spy chief of China.”


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