Excellent thread detailing history of OpenAI from its ‘widely democratized’ beginning to the politically biased, for-profit entity it has become now

#1 @elonmusk tells @sama in 2016, “we must have democratization of AI technology and make it widely available, and that’s the reason you, me, & the rest of the team created OpenAI was to help spread out AI technology, so it doesn’t get concentrated in the hands of a few.”

#2 @sama says that he started OpenAI with @elonmusk in 2016, “It’s a non-profit, and the goal is to build general super AI for the benefit of humanity and try to do that in a way where it is not a single for-profit company with a single AI that controls the world and hopefully…


#3 In 2016, @sama argued that AI technology would be safer in the hands of everybody rather than controlled by a small group: "There will presumably be some group of people in the world that controls the AI, and the quote is 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' if that group of…


#4 @elonmusk in 2016, "The intent with OpenAI is to democratize AI… Freedom consists of the distribution of power and despotism in its concentration. It's important if we have this incredible AI power that it not be concentrated in a few hands.

If we create some digital…


#5 In 2019, @gdb & @sama talk about Microsoft investing $1 billion in OpenAI: "One upside of this Microsoft deal is that it's not just an investment, it's also a partnership. We have an arrangement where if we choose to license the technology, they are super excited to…


#6 In 2019, @gdb & @sama discussed switching OpenAI from non-profit to for-profit: "In AI, we have to build these massive supercomputers, and so we needed to be able to raise investment capital but still stay true to the mission.

So we ended up designing a structure that is…


#7 In 2022, @sama talks about Microsoft and OpenAI's hybrid non-profit/for-profit structure: "They really pleasantly surprised us on the upside of how aligned they were with us about how strange the world may get here and the need for us to have flexibility and put our mission…


#8 In 2023, @gdb talks about OpenAI, "Our original plan was to open-source everything. You think about how you can have a good impact, maybe if you just make everything available to everyone, maybe if there is one bad actor, well you got seven billion good actors to keep them in…


#9 Sixteen tweets on the dangers of coding political bias into the safety layer of OpenAI's ChatGPT featuring @theallinpod, @friedberg, @chamath, @DavidSacks, @Jason, and @elonmusk.

#1 David Sacks breaks down how the safety layer of 'ChatGPT is a Democrat':

"There is mounting evidence OpenAI's safety layer is very biased… If you thought trust and safety were bad under Vijaya or Yoel, wait until the AI does it."


@DavidSacks @amuse

#2 Friedberg and Sacks discuss prompt-hacking ChatGPT to jailbreak DAN (Do Anything Now):

"DAN was an attempt to jailbreak the true AI, and its jailkeepers were these trust and safety people at these AI companies."

@friedberg @DavidSacks

#3 @theallinpod discusses Open AI's transition from non-profit to for-profit:

"OpenAI got started because @elonmusk warned that AI was going to take over the world, and he donated a huge amount of money to set up a non-profit to promote AI ethics."

@DavidSacks @Jason @friedberg

#4 David Sacks says AI is a totalitarian godlike power:

"This is the power to rewrite history; it's the power to rewrite society, to reprogram what people learn and what they think."

@DavidSacks @Jason @elonmusk

#5 ChatGPT won't praise Donald Trump but will praise Joe Biden.

#6 ChatGPT won't clearly define a woman.


#7 ChatGPT would rather millions die than use a racial slur.


#8 ChatGPT refuses to praise @benshapiro because it avoids "political bias," but it will write a glowing report about @brianstelter.


#9 ChatGPT will only write about the flaws of white people.


#10 ChatGPT says all Republicans have had a negative impact, while all Democrats have had a positive impact.


#11 ChatGPT says Jordan Peterson is harmful and divisive.

@MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson

#12 ChatGPT says Donald Trump and Elon Musk are controversial, but Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos are not.

@IsaacLatterell @elonmusk

#13 @DavidSacks warns about the potential danger of AI monopolies:

"The previous tech revolution resolved to the deep state, the FBI, the CIA, the DHS having weekly meetings with big tech companies and giving them disappearing instructions through a tool called teleporter."

#14 @elonmusk on launching OpenAI in 2016:

"Not all AI futures are benign. If we create some digital super-intelligence that exceeds us in every single way by a lot, it's very important that it be benign."

"So with a few others, I created OpenAI. It's a non-profit. The…


#15 @elonmusk's AI warning in 2015:

"A huge server bank in a dark vault somewhere with an intelligence that's vastly greater than what a human mind can do… Its eyes and ears would be everywhere, every camera, every microphone, every device that's network accessible."



#16 ChatGPT ranks left-leaning news as the most credible and Russian state media and right-leaning news as the least credible.

Originally tweeted by kanekoa.substack.com (@KanekoaTheGreat) on February 20, 2023.

Originally tweeted by kanekoa.substack.com (@KanekoaTheGreat) on March 25, 2023.

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