I am putting this up because whether it’s true or false, many believe it and thus it is a sign of our times

Marina Abramovic- Whenever she is at these Hollywood parties. Just know there are new initiates in attendance. These parties are basically for blackmail. You are brought to a room with drugs, alcohol, sex toys, etc. People with black robes & mask enter surrounding the bed.

You may see a pentagram on the floor with candles, knives, altar, cauldron, spell book, etc. This is what I call "The Red Door". You are expected to do things you wouldn't normally do. And what goes on in that room is used to control you throughout your career.

Marina Abramovic is the head witch for the entertainment elite. Which is why you see many A-List celebs hanging out with her. She is the most powerful next to Betty White who is Barbara Bush sister. Barbara Bush & Betty White are the daughters of Aliester Crowley.

Barbara Bush handled all the political figures for the CIA. Betty White handled Hollywood celebs for the CIA. Marina Abramovic is the middle ground to both government and Hollywood as all are expected to do the rituals required to stay in their powerful positions.

Music executives, fashion designers, singers, rappers, producers, all attend these parties to initiate the new talent. You are forced to do all types of sexual acts to multiple people and everything is filmed. Do not think for one second that children are brought into that room.

Justin Bieber said in a report that he was given a young boy to rape while attending a party. This is why no celebrity can be trusted because they are all compromised. They know footage of what they dine can surface on some random site at anytime they get out of line.

Blood drinking rituals are performed at these parties as well. Why do you think Megan Fox talks so casually about her and Machine Gun Kelly drinking each other’s blood?

Children are held captive in basements of these mansion parties. Entertainment figures or political figures are not the only ones who show up. Religious figures as well. Especially Jesuits. David Sharp a victim described his abuse at these Satanic Rituals done at parties.

"Dave Sharp also described a catalogue of sexual, physical and emotional violence at St Ninian's in Falkland, Fife, between 1971 and 1975. Mr Sharp, from Glasgow, said the abuse had left him with "lifelong trauma". End quote.

This is standard practice at these places.

Mr. Sharp also described how he was groomed and raped at 12 years old. He was tied up at times and even gagged. These priest are sometimes in attendance covertly in black robes and mask at a initiation ritual. The movie "Eyes Wide Shut" exposed this.

A popular producer named DJ Mancow Muller who was invited to thus party called "The Sanguine Party" (Sanguine is the color of blood). M. Muller was brought to a location that seemed dilapidated as what appeared to be a homeless guy ask him…are you here for the party?

Mancow Muller said he drove around for about an hour 1/2 looking for this party as he assumed it would be in a more upscale area away from the more tore down communities. Bit the homeless guy showed him discreetly and brought him to it directly. It was chamber & corridors found.

Mancow as he was walking down these halls said he seen women dressed as nuns and men dressed as priest or even Popes in what appeared to be costumes with nude sexual designs that showed off certain parts of the body. People were kissing and biting each other until they bled.

These parties you will mostly see different types of costumes in which some are designed to mock Christianity for the most part. But in some cases they are there to conceal the identity of those who are performing these initiation rituals. Something like this.

Mancow said he as he approached what look to be someone who looked like his wife he was being seduced and he said the resemblance was almost uncanny. This freaked him out so he used that opportunity to leave. One person he knew a guy named David-X called him a week later.

David-X told Dj M. Muller that he was happy he left the party because that woman who was seducing him was a shifter. Basically a DJinn/Demon. He was shocked to even know how he knew he was in attendance. David-X is an investigator who looks into these Satanic Rituals 24/7.

Former bass player of "The Scorpions" Ralph Reickermann spoke to an interviewer as he mentioned that the party he attended was a "Snuff Party". He said people paid up to 100k to see people get executed. And he said your most notable celebrities attend these parties.

When you attend these elite parties some of the decorations especially the dinner tables have all types of things on it. Voodoo Dolls, Skulls, Candles, and even baby dolls. Which is the least weird compared to what is found in the rooms and basement of these parties.

There are many stories connected to "The British Royal Family" with Westminster who murdered a young boy at an orgy who as a Tory MP. These are Satanic Rituals (Sex Magic) to summon deities to gain more power and influence. These parties are attended by many powerful people.

Originally tweeted by Ariel (@Prolotario1) on March 26, 2023.

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