This is the real reason why the US wants to ban TikTok

A thread of videos that young people are watching and sharing by the millions:

Young people on Tiktok are not fucking around. These videos get literally millions of views. Political awakening is happening at a speed I’ve never seen before.

CW: police brutality, anti-Black violence & death

[This is an important thread, especially if you are unaware of vids like these. US wants to ban TikTok because the app allows China to promote this sort of material. In principle I despise censorship, but when an entire app is controlled by a communist anti-American foreign entity, is it censorship to ban it or right policy to prevent an adversary having this kind of influence over young people? I do favor the ban but am also aware that this brings other less clearcut bans into question. We are in an era of 5GW information warfare. There clearly is nowhere to hide from it. Everyone wants to be in control. AI will probably intensify this even more though it may also make it clearer how information is used, by whom, and why. Be sure to watch at least four or five of the vids below. ABN]

UPDATE: My support of a ban or restrictions on TikTok do not mean I support the RESTRICT ACT. I do not support that act. ABN

Full video:

Hustle and grind culture is widely, and rightly, hated on large parts of TikTok. People talk about it constantly, these videos are extremely popular

Another one from @JamesRehwald because his videos go so insanely hard.

Anti-imperialist professors WISH they had this level of pedagogical skill

Imagine if instead of shaming people for not reading like a bunch of bullies, we instead made reading enticing while sharing knowledge. Welcome to leftist BookTok.

(This creator is schizophrenic btw so bonus destigmatizing disability/neurodivergence)

Absolutely ruthless lmfao

Sharing tactics for coordinated direct action. 3 million views

Lots of practical tips about transitioning away from capitalism. @michaelmezz does great work:


Full video here, go follow Micah and watch everything he’s ever made:

Bonus Micah Valentine video absolutely destroying anti-trans arguments based in “biology”:

Nihilism? Giving up because of setbacks? Absolutely the fuck not.

Healing generational trauma and stopping cycles of abuse while educating and empowering colonized peoples:

This energy. This is the energy we need to cultivate within ourselves. Know who you are, know your beauty and your worth. Hold boundaries as an act of love for self and others

Gen Z destroy anti-communist talking points so effortlessly it’s not even a fair fight out there

The nuclear family as the fundamental organizing unit structuring society? We’re told that shit is good and aspirational and sustainable, lmao. Lies and propaganda, and we know it

Full video:

Also yes I started this thread with an oversimplification but it IS still a factor and it got you to watch anti-imperialist videos lol so I stand by it. What you should prob do about it is haggle over precise wordings. That’s good praxis.

Oh wait

Communist TikTokers are not. Fucking. Around.

They’re reading, they’re sharing, they’re overcoming divisions, they’re building solidarity. This shit is next level

A breath of fresh air in a sea of nihilism. I love it

Healing internalized shame. Loving ourselves and loving others. Rage and joy. It’s beautiful

Full video (only a few seconds were cut off):

We argue in circles about the stupidest discourse on this website and tear each other down for mistakes instead of staying laser focused on gaining comrades and building a new world.

I know what kind of movement I want to be part of, and it’s this kind

I’ll include one of my Tiktoks to show that you don’t have to be the Scorsese of communism to help educate and motivate. Just do what you can!

Full video:

Except follow me on YouTube too because I have a ton of TikTok followers but they pay zero dollars and don’t allow creators to promote our Patreons because the company itself is awful lol

Ok thank u more videos coming in a sec!

Can I interest you in some cutting humour that still gets the point across like a dagger straight to the heart of the real problem

Are we going after celebrity culture and showing the ultra-rich ones out for the exploitative parasites they are? You’d better believe it


I love the anti-celebrity genre lol

Even some leftists aren’t ready to hear this but, she’s right lol

The larger point though is that people are talking about this stuff. We’re deconstructing worldviews, we’re looking at how to live more meaningful, authentic lives.

Full video:

There’s no one on earth who thinks things are fine rn. Including people in the imperial core who used to be able to ignore others’ suffering.

People are waking up to our interdependence. The conditions for class consciousness have never been stronger

I could do a whole other thread about the work men are doing to deconstruct masculinity and help each other grow into better, more caring men.

Here’s an example:

No one is coming to save us: A step-by-step guide on how to fix your city/town.

Full video:

This is probably enough for now, but since people liked this thread so much, I can do this more often! I love curating work from my favourite comrades.

I’ll leave you with one from the absolute GOAT, @jorislechene:

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