Ukraine readies spring offensive expected to be largest mobilization since war with Russia began

Europe’s greatest armed conflict since World War II is poised to see the largest mobilized effort since the war in Ukraine began as Kyiv prepares for an anticipated spring offensive. 

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War believe that based on information released from Russia and Ukraine, previous war movements and historical patterns of ground warfare, Kyiv is readying its troops for another significant offensive push. 

“We are now on the eve of a Ukrainian counteroffensive,” George Barros, a Russia analyst and leader of the Geospatial Intelligence Team for the Institute for the Study of War told Fox News Digital.


I hope Poland and the Baltics are smart enough to stay out of this. If they join, the war will engulf Eastern Europe—if not all of Europe. The goal in Ukraine was neocon proxy war against Russia with the aim of also killing as many Ukrainians as possible. If Poland and the Baltics join, this too will be their fate. Judging by what we see and not what people say, the true leaders of this war want to destroy Europe as much as they want to destroy Russia. ABN

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