Political elites who control the Western world are a product and reflection of us

One way to look at elites is they have evolved in tandem with the inexhaustible gullibility of the masses. This has taught them that they can get away with anything. And this has made them careless and, yes, incompetent. They really did think it was a good idea to goad Russia into war and then respond with sanctions. Or that they really can get away with a plandemic and weaponized vax. Our elites are a product and reflection of the gullibility of human masses, of us. Historically, it has ever been thus.

Kevin McKernan has a good take on what covid really was and is—he sees it as PCR test malfeasance built on a weak virus that can’t do much more than infect with mild or no symptoms. Mike Yeadon sees it this way as well.

Why were there such bad symptoms in some people or such large death tolls? Because patients were maltreated in hospitals, which were paid handsomely to do deadly protocols. Maybe some strong viruses were seeded here and there which would account for the bad symptoms experienced by some. A sprinkling of cases like that would suffice to alarm doctors whose concerns would intensify the scam. This is biowarfare being used to cause panic and disruption more than to kill in very large numbers.

Recall the scary lab leak from China and their videos, and their being secretive about the origins of covid; all just mind-control to panic the masses. A thread on this topic and McKernan’s thoughts can be found here. This way of looking at it accounts for what JJ Couey is saying while also sidelining many of his conclusions. ABN

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