Today’s Sodomites

…What is new is not gay sex per se but mainstreaming non-procreative sex as normal.

The anti-procreation campaign is succeeding. A recent compilation of surveys (12,000 total respondents) conducted between 2012 and 2021 showed dramatic increases for those identifying as LGBT. Among millennials (born 1980 and 1999) a notable rise occurred in those considering themselves as LGBT, from 5.8% to 10.5. Significantly, these self-identification numbers were basically flat for precious generations, baby boomers, generation X (1965-1979) and so on. But for what is called Generation Z (1997-2002) the figure in 2021 was 20.8%. That is, slightly over 1 in 5 saw themselves as living outside of the traditional definition of “normal.” Yes, maturation might bring a return to past patterns, but given that procreative sex is the hard-wired default option of human nature, something powerful is pushing youngsters away from normal.

sex education in today’s schools has advanced far beyond the traditional bone dry, unerotic birds and the bees. Under the label of “comprehensive sex education,” lessons now include graphic depictions of oral and anal sex along with masturbation. Massachusetts seventh graders learn how to mold Saran Wrap to form a dental dam for safe cunnilingus. High schoolers in Eugene, Oregon recently were instructed about massage oil, flavored syrup, a candle, music, feathers or a boa on the pathway to sexual satisfaction.

The lessons on non-reproductive sex continue in college and, if anything, they become more explicit. No longer might gay students worry about living celibate lives in hostile campus environments. Now, thanks to the website Campus Pride Index those in the LGBT+ community can see how over 400 campuses are rated by their friendliness toward gays to ensure years of sexual exploration. The site also offers pride events and campus fairs where like-minded youngster can meet and exchange information. Their job bulletin board includes a gay-friendly research institute and access to a pride media center.


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