Geert Vanden Bossche Warns Coming Super Variant ‘Could Put an End to Western Civilization’

I have not yet had time to watch this but am posting it anyway. Vanden Bossche’s hypothesis of a super-variant proliferating wildly due to vulnerabilities in the vaccinated does not seem as strong today as it did a year ago. It is still worth considering though. Even if I thought Vanden Bossche was wrong, I would post this anyway because he has been a major figure in the covid debates. I greatly respect him for putting everything on the line and saying what he believes come what may. He took a personal risk to protect others and surely convinced many not to take the vax. ABN

UPDATE: Vanden Bossche brackets one end of the dissident covid position. He firmly believes there is a virus that is evolving variants that are able to evade the vaxxes. At the other end, Mike Yeadon and Kevin McKernan both have expressed the view that the plandemic is a psyop which has been built on PCR testing fraud. Yeadon does not believe there even is a virus, while McKernan believes there is a mild one. JJ Couey believes the plandemic was a military operation involving frequent releases of infectious clones which caused severe symptoms in some people and were picked up by the PCR tests, falsely lending credibility to the official narrative. The Ethical Skeptic has detailed the evolution of covid variants and claims that China probably released a mild variant in 2019 or earlier that served to inoculate the Chinese population against more serious variants which appeared later. In this context, Vanden Bossche has many compelling things to say about where the world is now with covid. His underlying analysis has remained the same while also necessarily adapting to the changing dynamics of covid. I highly recommend viewing his presentation. ABN

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