This thread unveils the [plandemic] bad guys’ deeds that must not be allowed to fall into oblivion

🧵THREAD: In an age of alleged pandemic urgency, supposed good intentions have led to discrimination against the unvaccinated and coercion for gene therapies. This thread unveils the bad guys’ deeds that must not be allowed to fall into oblivion.

A special note of disapproval.⬇️

#1 Thank you to all the citizen journalists for calling out the nefarious activities of the government and stopping the Mary Poppins-singing censor czar @wiczipedia from scheming to infringe upon the people’s right to free speech.

#2 Thank you, @BillGates, for finally admitting that your vaccines don’t stop transmission and don’t stop infection. Now, please stop buying up farmland and injecting our food with mRNA.

#3 Thank you, Dr. #Fauci, for finally retiring, and for being so eager to go on television for interviews so that all of your lies are documented forever.

#4 Thank you, @ProfKlausSchwab, for graciously making the Young Global Leaders program and the annual WEF meetings in Davos transparent, so we peasants can finally tell which politicians we should trust and which ones we shouldn’t.

#5 Thank you, @CDCDirector, for admitting on camera that you based vaccine efficacy on CNN and for revealing that the CDC failed to monitor safety signals for cancer and miscarriages in VAERS. Your incompetence has led to the lowest vaccine uptake in history!

#6 Thank you, @PeterHotez, for contradicting yourself so often and opening people’s eyes. In 2020, you strongly opposed vaccination, but in 2021, suddenly all sceptics were labelled as terrorists who must be dealt with by military anti-terror forces.

#7 Thank you, @DrEricDing, for communicating the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda in such an over-the-top manner that your Twitter feed became a real satire. Your tweet about using N95 underwear to combat flatulence was truly the height of it all!

#8 Thank you, @POTUS, for being such a compliant puppet, first telling the American people that vaccines prevent Covid, only to backtrack and admit you caught it multiple times despite quadruple doses. Your misguidance has actually helped our cause. Good luck with your dementia.

#9 Thank you, @JustinTrudeau, for demonstrating, as Klaus Schwab’s puppet, the true intentions of the WEF through your actions. Your allegiance to their cause would have made your daddy Fidel Castro proud.

#10 Thank you, @c_drosten, for regularly managing to contradict yourself even within a single sentence. Thanks to all of your contradictions, many people have woken up. Have a great time on your next camping trip!

#11 Thank you, @MattHancock, for secretly having an affair while locking down all of England, thus making a mockery of your own rules. However, you could have avoided labeling critics as anti-Semites and causing the whole country to panic, as evidenced by your leaked messages.

#12 Thank you, @yaneerbaryam, for showing us how ridiculous and pseudoscientific modeling can be. Your models were completely inaccurate, yet you advocated for the #ZeroCovid strategy and mandatory vaccination. Your road to hell is already paved!

#13 Thank you, @harari_yuval, for discrediting the majority of the world’s population as ‘useless.’ Your statement has made it easier for us to persuade those people that the WEF and your Fourth Industrial Revolution have no good intentions for them.

#14 Thank you, @EricTopol, for being completely wrong with all of your predictions and modeling; otherwise, us unvaccinated would all be dead by now.

#15 Thank you, @devisridhar, for openly identifying yourself as a WEF Young Global Leader. Your fearmongering regarding the severity of Covid, as well as your discrimination against the unvaccinated, have made it easy to categorize you as part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

#16 Thank you, @PeterDaszak, for all of your lies being so well-documented, from your tweets in 2019 to Fauci’s emails and more. Despite this, you continue to publicly lie, which may prove useful in the event of a legal case against you. By the way, did you enjoy the bat soup?

#17 Thank you, @DrTedros, for proving that one can be incompetent and still succeed through corruption. By the way, how are things going with the accusations that you were involved in a genocide in Ethiopia? Did you have such megalomaniacal fantasies that Ethiopia wasn’t enough?

#18 Thank you, @AlbertBourla, for openly defaming critics as criminals. However, the real criminals are you and your company @pfizer, and the extent of the damage you’ve caused may only become clear in the future. Your place in eternal damnation is relatively secure. Congrats!

#19 Thank you, @CaulfieldTim, for finally admitting that you were paid by the Canadian government for your social media propaganda. But it was not okay to prioritize money over people’s lives. Unfortunately, we cannot bring back the victims caused by your actions.

#20 Thank you, @ScottGottliebMD, for promoting Covid vaccines on Face the Nation despite your financial conflicts of interest. Also, thanks for colluding with the White House to censor @AlexBerenson. Corrupt individuals like you destroy people’s trust in the media.

#21 Thank you, @Karl_Lauterbach, for spending three years reporting anyone to the justice system who criticized you. These legal documents are now like a medal of honor, as the critics were proven right. They did not die and the apocalypse did not happen. Poor confused old man!

#22 Thank you, @jacindaardern, for locking down an entire country and taking away the rights of your citizens, then forcing them to get an experimental gene therapy shot. Your tyranny will have long-lasting effects. Your resignation couldn’t have come sooner.

#23 Thank you, @yoyoel, for heavily censoring Twitter and accepting only an extremist opinion that has limited the freedom of all people around the world. Without your contribution, @elonmusk probably would never have bought Twitter.

#24 Thank you, @neil_ferguson, for leading SAGE & providing models and predictions that were as accurate as the Oracle of Delphi. While you were excited about locking us all up, you were busy having a married affair on the other side of London whom you met without wearing a mask.

#25 Thank you, @AlastairMcA30, for insisting that gene therapies are 100% safe and effective and labeling anyone who disagrees as liars. Your false claims are now exposed, revealing you for the Big Pharma clown that you are. By the way, care to explain why you took a study break?

#26 Thank you, @DrMatthewSweet, for making fun of my ‘Hero Thread’ (, because even negative PR is PR. However, what you should ask yourself is why only those who expressed criticism lost their jobs. Maybe you’re not the good guys after all!?

#27 Thank you, @CPHO_Canada, for limiting your plandemic advice to wearing masks during sexual intercourse and using glory holes (don’t google it!) to reduce the spread, instead of promoting vitamin D and exercise. Probably wasn’t part of the CCP PsyOp, I suppose.

#28 Thank you, @apoorva_nyc, for fear-mongering about school openings, long Covid and dead kids, scaring parents. You demonized critics as racists, silencing millions afraid of being labeled a bigot. Mission accomplished! You harmed a generation of kids!

#29 Thank you, @zeynep, for insisting that masks work, even though you’re a sociologist/journalist masquerading as a scientist. Your dismissal of actual scientists requires an award-winning level of delusional, unearned confidence. Well done!

#30 Thank you, @GavinNewsom, for managing to keep California’s public schools closed for a year and a half while sending your own four children to in-person private school. You are such an inspiring role model!

#31 Thank you, @R_H_Ebright, for consistently expressing your concerns regarding our well-being. But do you truly believe that excluding unvaccinated individuals from society would have had a positive impact on public health? Why did you never promote healthy food and exercising?

Originally tweeted by Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) on April 9, 2023.

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