The Full Surveillance Power of the U.S. Govt Could Not Find the Classified Intel Leaker, But the Media Did…

Sometimes the obvious answers are in the reality of the obvious part that few pay attention to.

According to the original outline, as presented by the Washington Post last night [Original Story Here], the full surveillance and intelligence power of the United States government was unable to locate the source of the largest leak of U.S. classified intelligence in a decade, but some journalists found a teenager in his mom’s basement with all the answers.   This is the story, and they are sticking to it.

I’ve been in enough rabbit holes created by the silos of the intelligence community to know when not to enter one.   First things first, what silo uses the Washington Post?

We all should know by now the same three-letter operators in charge of the Amazon Cloud Service, are the same three-letter operators who use the PR firm known as the Washington Post.

Why the intelligence people from inside the CIA/NSA silo wanted to exploit the teenage gamer with a connection to an intelligence leaker, as the preferred narrative is unknown.  However, the DHS details provided in the intelligence community follow-up through the New York Times does provide some clues.


I trust Sundance on this more than anyone else. ABN

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