Dear President Donald Trump, go ahead and hold the rallies…. continue putting out the platform….

Dear President Donald Trump, go ahead and hold the rallies…. continue putting out the platform…. continue using your podium to promote vision, excitement and direction in the largest scale possible to save the nation.  Continue providing fuel for the cultural battle and primary battle being waged in the social media sphere by warriors for the MAGA movement…. 

However, in the totality of the 2024 presidential contest, this effort should be at most 20% of the industrial political campaign.

80% of the entirety of the money spent, the effort exhausted, the assembly constructed, the people and supporters assembled, should be focused – to the exclusion of all other things – on the process of maximizing envelope collection.

Make that paradigm shift, and 2024 is easily within reach.  Ignore it, and you might as well use a carrier pigeon to send your next email.

The RNC is no help.  The RNC is focused on EVERYTHING that doesn’t matter.

You cannot win an election if you rely on the RNC to make this adjustment.  You are going to have to organize this assembly on your own while enlisting the resources of the MAGA army.

The DNC already has the network of thousands of community activist organizations and business units at work in preparation for the 2024 envelope gathering operation.  They do not care about voters; the wants and needs of the people on the front of the envelope are an arcane annoyance, irrelevant to the DNC objective.


I agree with this message. It is obvious the elections are stolen. Fight fire with fire. Play their game better than them. There is no other way but continued decline. Fight to win, then we can fix the system. ABN

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