Medical treatment today, an image and a comment

I just spent some time in the hospital and it was good to see and deal with the medical people. All were great, conscientious, downhome, and well-trained. It is also clear the entire hospital operates under a protocol authority, which has also been trained into them. This can be very good—I was asked multiple times which side my hernia was on, the doctor asked me and checked his records and only then initialed the correct side while visually confirming it with me. They did this level of checking at every step. As a FIML practitioner, I loved it because we need much more of that interpersonally. Anyway, people who control the top of hospital protocol—and that means DOD for covid—are the main ones who committed gross moral and professional malfeasance, to put it mildly. As you go down the pyramid, we have to be more and more forgiving. Interpret that how it fits your experience. Mine was excellent. The op went great and I feel wonderful and very grateful to all of those healthcare workers. ABN

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