Court Filing: Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland Violate US Code, Have No Oath of Office on File

A new court filing reveals that Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland, and other leading Democrats in the Biden Administration, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra Mayorkis, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, have no oath of loyalty to the US Constitution on file, as required by law.

A writ of quo warranto filed in Washington, DC asserts that oaths of office for high-ranking members of Joe Biden’s cabinet are nowhere to be found, in blatant violation of the US Code that requires all elected officials to keep a sworn affidavit of their oath on file, proving their sworn continued allegiance to the United States and the US Constitution.


This is serious, and offending parties still have not produced their oaths or addressed the issue. Not signing the oath, ironically, does show they understand its importance. ABN

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