Covid lab leak argument is strong, but which lab and was it a leak?

1) The testimony from Radcliffe talking about the “overwhelming” body of evidence supporting the lab-leak origins is going viral.

Obviously I agree with him, but the widely shared video cuts off before @JohnRatcliffe starts blaming the CCP.

Here’s the full statement.

2) What if the Chinese MIL were responding to a biological attack?

Ratcliffe asserts that they “destroyed tests, samples and data”.

If we found a rogue lab creating bioweapons in the US, wouldn’t you expect our military to destroy the pathogens and confiscate/destroy the data?

3) Ratcliffe also asserts that China had the audacity to produce “propaganda” that the US created Covid-19.

I wonder what gave them that idea. Maybe it was the fact that the US have the largest global biolab network and have been doing gain of function research for decades…

4) It was the US government and their controlled media, who published and distributed more propaganda about Covid, than the rest of the world combined.

[I tend to like Ratcliffe due to his demeanor and clear deliveries of information, so I have a conscious bias. That said, he needs to directly and fully address the many indications that US actors not only created covid-19 in a lab but also released it into the world, with a special release in Wuhan that makes it look like China did it. ABN]

The US gov and MSM just started admitting it came from a lab a couples months ago…

Now all the

5) The reason that China are not happy with this Select Committee on Covid, is because the US have now declared China to be responsible, when Russia and China have been saying it came from a lab this entire time, and that it was created by actors within the US.

6) The US gov and MSM are 3 years late to the party on the lab origins. In fact, the US gov censored anyone who suggested it came from a lab. And now the US thinks the rest of the world should listen to them, after being wrong about EVERYTHING.

It’s beyond preposterous.


Originally tweeted by Clandestine (@WarClandestine) on April 18, 2023.

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