Is Elon Musk Doing Damage Control Using Tucker Carlson Interview?

I write the headline in the form of a question but in reality, all of the data points in one direction, yes.

If I am going to be brutally honest, this Elon Musk scenario is like the August 2022 review when it became obvious all of the DeSantis 2024 data only reconciled in one direction.  In many ways, Musk is to social media interests as DeSantis is to DC UniParty interests.

More than half the readers here have picked up on the clues and cues showing Musk has a very real motive to position himself in the best light possible given the situation that surrounds him.  Unfortunately, that position creates conflicts between ideals (what’s possible) and reality (what limits surround one’s ability).  Musk is riding a tiger, and the intelligence community ring masters control the beast.

The damage control motive is a few layers deep.  However, one of the recent events that would lead to Musk’s public need for brand image protection comes from the situation with Matt Taibbi:


In this essay, Musk is compared to Bill Barr winning approval for siding with Trump only to later use that as cover to destroy him. In today’s analogy, ‘Trump’ is the gullible Twitter public who are being fooled by a powerful psyop that ultimately will own them. I am not 100% convinced of Musk’s role in this though the argument makes sense. It is seriously telling that the ‘Fauci Files’ have never been released, nor has much else come out. Musk has made Twitter better, but Barr made things look better too. Why does Sundance trust Taibbi? Nothing is perfect. Time maybe will tell. ABN

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