A part of Western civilization produced a culture of men who created the entire modern world

I personally do not descend from that part of Europe. I am descended from the slaves/serfs of Northeastern Europe. How can anyone deny that the modern world was created by a culture of men from that region on the map? Why should I feel ashamed of my ancestry? Why would I not admire the men who created the modern world? To me, it’s asinine for slave societies, which is virtually all the rest of the world, to boast of their meagre accomplishments or pretend their ancestors did anything we still value today. I loved my peasant grandma and her pagan ways. She was very clever, very low education, but an absolute delight to be around. I don’t feel ashamed of her. To speak dishonestly about her is to shame her and myself. I can love my ancestry without making up stories about it. And I can understand and appreciate who created the wonders of the world we live in today. Those men could have concealed their inventions and kept them from the rest of the world. More on this topic: The Faustian impulse and European exploration. ABN

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