Did the Neocons Save the World from the Thucydides Trap? — Ron Unz

Over the last couple of years I’d begun seeing our growing conflict with China described as an inevitable consequence of “the Thucydides trap” but hadn’t been entirely sure of the source of that idea. Decades ago, I’d had a very strong interest in Classical Greek history, so the reference was obvious to me: the bitter rivalry between a dominant Sparta and a rising Athens that had led to the decades long Peloponnesian War that devastated Greece. But only recently did I discover that the term had been popularized in Destined for War, a 2017 national bestseller by Harvard’s Graham Allison, which had followed his earlier 2015 Atlantic article on the same subject.


This is an excellent overview of the geopolitical situation US neocons have created for USA and how bad it is, though maybe some good will come of it because even US neocons may fear full-blown war with China. Good read and best not to skip it even if you already sense the core problem. ABN

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