About The New “Affordable Housing” Fees on Mortgages that Punish High Credit Borrowers

If you focus on the DC Potemkin Village, you view this move through the prism of Biden’s FHFA creating a policy to favor low-income (nonwhite) voters by punishing stable credit worthy borrowers.  That’s what the powers who control the levers, and create policy, want us to focus on.  That’s not what is going on.

Biden doesn’t control anything.  Biden is a puppet to the multinationals that control DC policy.  When Biden was installed, the people who control the money and wealth (Blackrock, WEF assembly etc.), the people behind the Potemkin Village, knew what the larger economic agenda would create.


Just another lending scam that will allow large investment funds to exit RE while prices are still high. Good short read. ABN

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