A look into the ‘controlled opposition’ of PragerU

In essence, PragerU is controlled opposition to the Jewish-controlled left-wing educational media promoting “wokeism” and Progressive views. Neither will notice Jewish power, and both will protect Jewish power from scrutiny. PragerU will participate in the incitement and provocation of right vs. left, driving the political divide deeper in the same way Communist propaganda drove a class divide between bourgeoisie and proletariat, and Neo-Communists drove and still drive a race divide in the U.S.

PragerU uses public actress and performer “Caribbean” Candace Owens as its diversity face for “the story of many Americans,” along with its “Story of PragerU” video, featuring mullato Amala Ekpunobi. This is conservatism that is safe for the Jews. Owens—and many others of the new crop conservative spokespeople—was discovered and groomed by a talent agency owned and operated by a corrupt Jewish Israeli pornographer involved in much greater organized crime, including Blackmailing and bribing police and military personnel and accused of selling drugs to minors.


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