‘Multiple doctors on Team Reality are spreading incorrect and incomplete information’ — Christie Grace

1/ Larger accounts/doctors are not biotech experts–you also have a DUTY to the truth. Some doctors have formed cults–whether you allowed it to happen or not–you must undo this. Multiple doctors on Team Reality are spreading incorrect and incomplete information. I have

2/ watched you all in horror start your sentences with "I know you might think I am not qualified to talk about this, but.." NO. You're right. Almost all of you are NOT qualified to talk about any of this.
Being in BIOTECH and managing project after project like I have is not

3/ just a matter of reading a research study on DSPC and making some assumption. I am watching larger doctors of different industries steer conversations in the wrong directions, and write papers which are complete rubbish.Managing biotech means seeing a variety of projects, not

4/ just creating one drug or a handful. It is learning from MISTAKES. When I first started biotech, every month we held meetings on which projects went south, and why. You learn from MISTAKES, just like medical doctors do–seeing patients over time, not just saying, "Look at me

5/ I'm an MD or PhD and although I have only done surgery and lanced boils all my life, now I am a biotech expert. know everything."
Wrong, You don't know shit.
If this is the way you want to play it, and steer incorrect conversations, I will ride your asses like Seabiscuit.

6/ I am not all slamming doctors–one of my best friends is a doctor and I cherish her like the gift in life she is, but almost all the doctors out there are only giving partial info, and you are also focusing on the WRONG THINGS, and I am TIRED of you.
I am going to start by

7/ reviewing this thing on my next stack—why even take the time to write it? This is the equivalent of, "If you are rowing a boat upstream and lose and oar, how many waffles will fit into a dog house? none silly, because ice cream doesn't have bones!"
This paper focuses

8/ on the wrong info. WHY do you ALL keep going after the PEG? it is the least harmful part. So is DSPC. This is maddening now.
Tell these authors I said what I said.
This paper is rubbish.


Originally tweeted by Christie Laura Grace (@_HeartofGrace_) on April 22, 2023.

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