Reply to Ethical Skeptic

If you’re curious I’ll tag you in interviews I just did that are hitting larger media. McKernan’s plasmid discovery confirms: LNP shifted electronegative (zeta) with plasmid addition to LNP (leaks into vascular) and if RNA leak out goes to lungs and plasmid+nucleus= turbo cancer.

2/The plasmids are very negatively charged. They weren’t purified out of the RNA when they formed the LNP. Vascular system. But it LNP degrade, RNA leak out, pushes POSITIVE net charge on whole LNP: goes to lungs (spike expression overload). Plasmid+cation lipid hit nucleus. :(

3/Also I just retweeted chief nerd’s post of Dr Hazan speaking to gut bacteria and I found a 2021 study I posted stating that if Bacteria overexpress a protein (spike) they commit harakiri/sepukku and self distruct. Causing microbrial resistance too. Buckle up. Gonna get worse.

4/to clarify, If DNA plasmid enter LNP, the zeta goes from -3 mV to insanely more negative, which would cause it (caracca et al) leak into vascular system even if aspirating. The negative charge attracts HARD to platelet (positive) and will cause adverse events plus amplification

5/highly negative charge on the LNP can drive it to blood vessels arteries heart. Also cause allergic reaction. Unwanted immunogenic response. Massive cytokine storm. Clotting with acceleration of coagulation events. It’s just luck of the draw who gets the charged LNP/plasmids.

6/ I’m sorry. :(

Originally tweeted by Christie Laura Grace (@_HeartofGrace_) on April 23, 2023.

This is the most interesting reply to TES I have seen during all of covid. I hope he sees it and responds. A conversation between these two would be very interesting. ABN


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